Objective of JTSE


Jigyas Publication and Jigyas Educational Trust created history igniting an educational renaissance in the state 31years ago by publishing the first academic journal of Assam in the form of a weekly educational journal named “Jigyas”. Over the years. this journal has been widely acclaimed in the rural, semi-rural and urban areas of Assam. Consequently. this journal has been able to ignite the minds of students by promoting intellectual development.
There was a time when most of the students of Assam, were not acquainted with the national and state level competitive examinations. Therefore, our students were naturally deprived from the benefits associated with qualifying various state and national level examinations. To bring an end to this problem. Jigyas Educational Trust, started Jigyas Talent Search Examination (JTSE) in the year 2001. Through this exam it was intended to ignite the dormant competitive spirits in the mind of the young students. This is the reason why such an exam has been conducted from Class III to Class X standards.
In the last few years. the students of Assam have extensively supported and participated in the JTSE. It is worth mentioning that many of the students who have been awarded through JTSE are presently working in various capacities both at the State Level services and the National Level services. This exam has now established itself as an indispensable part of the academic competitive sphere of the state.

The objectives of JTSE in short
  1. To develop competitive academic mindset within the minds of the students studying in both Assamese and English medium schools from Class 3 to Class 10 standards.
  2. To prepare the students for national level competitive examinations like NTSE, NMNSE. NSTSE etc.
  3. To identify the talented students hidden in the villages, towns and cities of Assam and to help them develop their potential for a better future.
  4. To aid in nation building by cultivating the seeds of good education environment, ethics and development within the minds of the upcoming generation.
JTSE Course Syllabus
  1. Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) : For each class : The current syllabus prescribed by SEBA or CBSE.
  2. Mental Ability Test (MAT) : Mental Ability Test is the measure of one’s general intelligence or primary abilities whereas Scholastic Aptitude Test is a test of one’s acquired knowledge in respective fields at certain level.
    Some of the fundamental mental faculties of the students, such as-- Numerical, Verbal, Spatial, Reasoning and so for.There are two types of Mental Ability Test -Verbal and Non-Verbal. In a Verbal test an item in stated in language form whereas in a Non-Verbal test the item is represented in pictorial form. For each class the type of questions set in the examination are same. Only the difficulty level of the questions will be higher gradually from Class III to Class X.